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Chachapoyas 'Cloud People' Secrets
Chachapoyas 'Cloud People' Secrets


Chachapoyas 'Cloud People' Secrets: Surprising Discovery Of Metal Vessels May Help Understand Their Ancient History


Recent discovery in the land of Chachapoyas, Peru may change our understanding of their mysterious culture and origins.

The Chachapoyas, also known as the Warriors of the Clouds or the Cloud People, was a culture of Andean people living in the cloud forests of the eastern Andes mountains of northern Peru, at an altitude of 7645 feet.

The Chachapoya (or Sachapuyo) culture is a mysterious culture we don't know very much about. They built imposing citadels on top of the highest mountains (3,000 meters above sea level) in the northern cloud forest.

Metal vessel discovered at Purunilacta de Soloco, Amazonas. Foto: James Crandall

The vast Kuelap fortress is a perfect example of how they adapted to their environment.

Otherwise, there is very little first-hand knowledge of the Chachapoyas.

Much of what we do know about the Chachapoyas culture is based on archaeological evidence from ruins, pottery, tombs and other artifacts.

Recent discovery of metals in Chachapoyas region, which has never been found before, may one day help to learn more about the region's ancient history.

Metals had never been found in Chachapoyas before the finding of these two vessels.

They might not be as sacred as the Holy Grail, but two metal vessels recently discovered in Chachapoyas are turning heads in regards to understanding the region’s ancient history.

“The Finding of these vessels will change the story about Chachapoyas” the Decentralized Department of Culture of the Amazonas head, Jose Santos Trauco Ramos, told El Comercio.

The discovery of two silver vessels in the Soloco Purunllacta in Chachapoyas of the Amazonas department are unlike anything the archaeological team has found in its history.

The vessels weigh 152 grams each, 112 millimeters high and 117 millimeters in diameter.

Two metal vessels discovered at Purunilacta de Soloco, Amazonas. Photo: El Comercio/Wilfredo Sandoval.

Investigations until this date had never discussed the peoples of Chachapoyas involved in metalworks, reports El Comercio.
The two vessels have recently finished a 60 restoration period at the conservation area of the Museo Arqueologico Nacional Bruning of Lambayeque. Trauco says it is too early to be sure, but there is a possibility that the vessels with Inca influence, could have been offerings.
The artifacts will be part of an exhibition on the grounds of what will soon be the Museum of Chachapoyas.

Chachapoyas represents one of Peru’s most sacred archaeological zones.


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Chachapoyas 'Cloud People' Secrets

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