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Mystery Of The Blue Sphere
Mystery Of The Blue Sphere


Mystery Of The Blue Sphere Composed Of Metal Of Extraterrestrial Origin: Hidden From Public View


It was a heavy metallic, silverblue, polished sphere engraved with unusual pictures and writings. At the time of the discovery, he had little understanding of what he was holding in his hands.

Soon, he realized this was something unique. Reports from the laboratory showed that the sphere was composed of metal not known on this planet. It was an object of extraterrestrial origin… Another curious and similar object of unknown origin was discovered in Clayton County, Georgia.

Artistic impression of the object resembling the blue alien sphere.

On July 22, 1872 a very interesting article appeared in the Chicago Tribune. It described an extraordinary discovery made by Dr. Seyers.

At 7.45 o'clock P.M Dr. Seyers was returning home after work. Suddenly, he noticed a bright flash in the sky and an object fell down to the ground.

Dr. Seyers recalls:

"I was returning home from a patient's house, situated seven miles from the town, where I had spent the latter part of the afternoon.

It was about 7:45 o'clock, though still light enough to read by.

I was ascending a long hill, over which it was necessary to drive before reaching home, when my horse suddenly pricked up his ears and, on glancing ahead, my eyes were dazzled by a brilliant white flash, resembling a lightning stroke and immediately following came a sharp hiss as of escaping steam.

I knew that an aerolite had fallen for had the flash been electrical there would have been a clap of thunder. Driving on up the hill I noticed that steam was issuing from the ground some few rods back from the road, and on hastening to the spot I found a hole about four inches in diameter, from which arose considerable heated vapor.

I drove home as rapidly as possible, and taking a pick and shovel returned to the spot. After half an hour's hard digging I came upon the object of my research at a depth of about 5 feet. It was still too hot to handle, but I succeeded in getting it to my carriage by lifting it on the shovel. I noticed that it was remarkable heavy, but not until I reached my barn, and removed the adhering soil, did I realize what a prize I had.

Instead of a rough mass of meteorite iron, there appeared a smooth, perfect sphere of steelblue metal, with polished surface and engraved with pictures and writings.

I could scarcely believe my eyes, but there was no mistaking facts. There upon the surface of the strange ball was a deeply graven circle within which was a four pointed star, a representative of a bird reptile resembling in a measure our extinct archaeopteryx and a great number of smaller ones, resembling those used in modern shorthand. The metal of which the ball was composed was unlike anything I had ever seen, being as hard as copper and entirely infusible in my Bunsen blow pipe. I filed off some bits and sent them to a chemist, who made the following report:

I have made a spectroscopic analysis of the fillings you sent. The metal is fusible only in the electric arc. It is a new element. Examined by the spectroscope, its vapor gives three fine yellow lines to the left of the D line of Sodium, a broad green one to the right of the line of Barium, and an innumerable number of very fine purple ones.
H. Randolph Stevens
Analytical Chemist"

Dr. Seyers had his own theory on the origin of the alien silverblue sphere:

"Whence came this strange messenger? By what internal power was it hurled into space? Possibly by some monster gun on Mars or Venus.

Possibly launched towards us by some lunarian gunner. Many there will say that the whole thing is a hoax and a fable, and that the ball was manufactured on this earth, but the fact that it is made of a metal not found on this sphere proves beyond a doubt that it is an alien.

Hurled with frightful velocity, it traversed the vast distances of space separating us from our nearest neighbor, and plunging through our atmosphere, became heated to incandescence, and thus losing some of its terrible rapidity, buried itself in the soil of our planet without suffering any inquiry

How shall we determine whence it came? Is it possible to reply, and can a sort of communication be established between planets? A gun 180 feet long and strong enough to hold a charge of thirty pounds of dynamite would hurl a platinum bullet of two inches in diameter with a velocity sufficient to cause it to pass beyond terrestrial attraction. The dream of Jules Verne has in measure become realized, and we are, without doubt, standing a bombardment from space."

The journalist who wrote the article in the Chicago Tribune believed this discovery would be of great value to science, but he was far too optimistic.

The silverblue metallic sphere was in Dr. Seyers possession for a while before it was handed over to the Smithsonian Institute. Since then, nothing have been heard of the alien artifact. It is most likely buried in the Smithsonian vault along with a number of other "unorthodox" objects that are not allowed to be displayed to the public.

The Smithsonian Institute has on many occasions been accused of archaeological cover-ups. Perhaps the silverblue, metallic sphere discovered in 1872 by Dr. Seyers should be added to the list…

Ellen Lloyd


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Mystery Of The Blue Sphere

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